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Honeysuckle, hops, caramel, yuzu

El Chaferote, Colombian Coffee

Globular cluster of honeysuckle, hops, caramel, and yuzu.

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Why We Love this Coffee:

Pink Bourbon from Colombia went fast on the booking side this year so we were excited to obtain a small amount of this very high-quality coffee. We think it will change your perspective on what a washed Colombian can really taste like with its intensely floral profile.

More About this Coffee:

Finca El Chaferote is located in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia and is a family-run affair, but the specialty focus is led by the son, Erick Bravo. This lot is 100% Pink Bourbon, the variety that Erick is most focused on when it comes to their highest quality coffees.

This particular lot is a blend of two lots throughout the harvest that they put together, as both exhibited the same quality in cup and point score. However, each lot was processed slightly differently: one lot was fermented 48 hours in cherry, followed by another 36-hour dry-ferment after de-pulping and the other lot was fermented for 36 hours in cherry, followed by another 24-hour dry-ferment after de-pulping. Upon washing the coffees, they are laid out to dry in a greenhouse for approximately 15-20 days, depending on the weather. Our importer has worked with Erick and his family for a few years now and their attention to quality pays off; in addition to this stunning lot, they placed 5th in our importers Huila Mágico competition in 2020 and have consistently placed high in Colombia’s Cup of Excellence Competitions.

Geography: Colombia

Region: San Augustin 

Producer: Erick Bravo


Elevation: 1600 meters

Variety: Pink Bourbon