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Colombia El Silencio Anaerobic

Star nursery of dark chocolate, strawberry shrub, hibiscus & lemon-lime soda.

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Why we Love this Coffee:
One of our goals is to dedicate some of our lineup to coffees that push boundaries. This Anaerobic processed Colombia from producer Robinson Rivera definitely fits the bill. It's deeply dark chocolate, and hugely fruity and funky while still being accessible and balanced. Overall it a great example of innovation in processing.

More About this Coffee

Only Castillo is cultivated on the 6 hectares of coffee growing area on this farm. The producer Robinson Riveras has been growing coffee for 18 years. For five years he has been part of Asociacion de Caficultores Del Centro Del Cauca Por La Paz, a non-profit organization that was created in 2016 in Cauca. It's dedicated to improving coffee quality to help ensure better pay for the farmers there. This lot undergoes anaerobic tank fermentation for 48 hours at 28 degrees. We love the profile of this coffee, and the hard work from Robinson Rivera and his team is exceedingly clear.

Geography: Colombia 

Region: Cauca

Elevation: 1700-1850 M

Producer: Robinson Rivera

Variety:  Castillo 

Process: 48 Hour Anaerobic