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Nectarine, Raspberry, Hibiscus, Dark Chocolate

Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Anaerobic

Nectarine, Raspberry, Hibiscus, Dark Chocolate, Searing Arp 2600 Lead

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Why we Love this Coffee

This one is for the fruit and funk loving adventurer! Our goal is to bring a variety of coffees to our lineup. We love a crowd pleaser, but this one is something else. Anaerobic fermentation adds a deep fruit and funk punch to coffees produced this way. You see fewer anaerobic Ethiopian coffees, which makes this exciting because the already floral, fruity character from the terroir makes this totally unique.

More About this Coffee:

The Worka Sakaro washing station is owned and operated by Tracon Coffee, an independent exporter who manages 6 stations total in Gedeo. 852 individual smallholders contribute to Worka Sakaro, each averaging 1.6 hectares of coffee, and most of them also producing enset—a fruit-less relative of the banana tree whose pulp is scraped and packed into cakes, fermented underground, and then toasted as kocho, a staple starch in the area.

Fresh cherries are first vacuum sealed in stainless steel canisters for 4-5 days, creating an environment deprived of oxygen and increasingly pressurized by the carbon dioxide emitted in the fermentation of the fresh fruit. Once the vacuum fermentation is complete, the cherry, now pale yellow from loss of pigment, is transferred directly to raised beds to sun-dry for 15-18 days until the moisture is reduced to the level of a typical complete natural.

Geography: Ethiopia 

Region: Gedeo Zone

Elevation: 1996 M

Producers: Worka Sakaro

Variety: Heriloom

Process: Anaerobic