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Guatemala Mario Jordan

Bright Moonbeam of Marzipan, White Grape and Meyer Lemon

Grind Seting
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Why we Love this Coffee: Mario Jordan and his team are producing stellar coffees and this Pacamara is a beautiful, delicate, and clean flavor profile that is more rare amongst Guatemalan profiles. We love it and it's killer example of the diversity of the region.

More About this Coffee: Chiquimula is a lesser-known coffee-growing region in Guatemala’s Totonicapán department. The community here takes pride in its rich agricultural history, growing coffee among steep mountains, old forests, picturesque valleys, and towering volcanoes.

Smallholders like Mario Jordan are continuously working on single-varietal lots and improving production quality year after year. As the market for specialty coffee from Guatemala grows, producers like Mario can break away from the pack to diversify their offerings

Geography: Guatemala

Region: Concepcion las Minas

Elevation: 1500

Producer: Mario Jordan

Variety: Pacamara

Process: Washed