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Hazelnut, Vanilla, Bourbon, Pear

Honduras Finca Las Moras Parainema Honey Process

Towering Amplitude of Hazelnut, Vanilla, Bourbon, Pear

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Why we Love this Coffee:

This is the first coffee from Honduras that we've brought into our lineup and we are thrilled with how it's tasting. We have a ton of affinity for natural or alternative processed coffees because the good ones always remind us how interesting coffees can be and why we are excited about what we do in the first place. Honey processed coffees, or pulp natural as it's often called, is a hybrid of washed and natural processing that allows for a unique profile that really sings for this Honduras. A stellar coffee all around!

More About this Coffee:

This coffee comes from our pals at Genuine Origin. Finca Las Moras is one of Genuine Origin’s own farms. The farm serves a dual purpose: first as a Volcafe Way training lab where our field techs and agronomists demonstrate best practices coffee farming for visiting producers. Second as a functional farm that produces coffee, experiments with different coffee varietals and tests out new processing methods. This coffee is one of the results of this farms dedication to experimentation.

This coffee is 100% Parainema, a cultivar of the Sarchimor family of Arabica hybrids, and it caused a big stir in Honduras in 2017 when it won the Cup of Excellence, elevating its reputation in the minds of farmers and importers.

Geography: Honduras

Region: Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Elevation: 1250-1450m

Producers: Finca Las Moras

Variety: Parainema

Process: Honey