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Special, Limited-Release!

Liliana Rojas, Natural Colombian Gesha Coffee

Improbable astral collision of brown sugar, cacao, mango, grapfruit, & orange blossom.

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Why we Love this Coffee:
This is a milestone release for us! The kind of coffee we dreamt about roasting when we first opened our doors. We have always wanted to focus on roasting unique & exceptional coffees from small producers. This one comes to us from Hacienda Casablanca, led by female producer, Liliana Cabellero Rojas. And we feel lucky and honored to be able to offer it to you!  

Colombia Gesha beans are known for being exceptionally aromatic, fruity, and vibrant. This particular lot has tasting notes of deep cacao, brown sugar, mango, grapefruit, & orange blossom. It's a beautiful, complex coffee, befitting the call: Drink Me To Turn Wild. Perfect for the curious coffee drinker! 

This is a Limited Release, Y'all!
We are roasting & dropping small batches every Friday, beginning November 18! Check this page on Fridays, subscribe to our emails, and follow us on Instagram for your best chance at grabbing a bag before we sell out! Feel free to send us an email if you need help securing a bag. 

More About this Coffee:
Liliana Rojas is a native of Santander, Colombia, born to parents who worked in agriculture. She grew up to dedicate herself to cultivating coffee to provide a better life for her family and for the people who work year-round and seasonally on Hacienda Casablanca.

Liliana has a background as an administrative and financial professional, and through that lens she developed a vision to add value to her coffee fields through planning, renovating older parcels, planting new varieties, and improving processing and drying techniques. Winning first place in the National Yara Champion Program in 2016 helped to motivate her to continue striving for excellence, which shows year over year in her crops. Liliana also sells roasted coffee to the local market in packages she designed herself to bring in additional revenue, which has been helpful in the past during times of pricing crisis.

This lot of Gesha coffee underwent Natural processing. Once the ripe cherries are harvested they are taken to the mill where they are sorted to remove any twigs, leaves, or immature cherries. Cherries are fermented for 150 hours in sealed tanks before being dried. The fermented cherries are then dried in a silo until the humidity reaches 15%. The partially dried cherries are then rested for 10 days in GrainPro bags before they are moved to finish being dried to 11% humidity in the sun.

Geography: Colombia 

Region: Santander

Elevation: 1550 M

Producer: Liliana Rojas

Variety:  Gesha

Process: Natural

Please Note:
If you would like us to grind this coffee for you, please leave a note in the open text field on the Cart page. Thank you!