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Milk Chocolate, Guava, Grapefruit, Vanilla

Rwanda Muhura Site Natural

Globular cluster of honeysuckle, hops, caramel, and yuzu.

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Why we Love this Coffee:

Naturally processed lots from Rwanda are starting to become more available and we couldn't be happier about it. The combination of fruit and funk in this coffee is truly unique, with tons of bright tropical fruit and vanilla sweetness.

More About this Coffee:

Located in the Gatsibo district of eastern Rwanda, Muhura was first established in 2010. They began working with Rwanda trading company in 2011, and after two years of providing funding to improve processing and facilities, RTC purchased the station in 2013. Since then, Muhura continues to grow and improve with now around 800 farmers. Washing stations that partner with or are owned by RTC have access to their agribusiness training program, which provides two years of education focused on increasing yield and quality, the two factors that make the biggest impact on farmers’ house-hold income. RTC distributes shade trees to farms to improve canopy and encourage farm biodiversity.

Geography: Rwanda

Region:  Gatsibo District

Elevation: 1600 M

Producer: Muhura Washing Station

Variety: Red Bourbon 

Process: Natural