Tanzania Mbinga-Mbeya
Tanzania Mbinga-Mbeya
Tanzania Mbinga-Mbeya

Tanzania Mbinga-Mbeya

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  • Tanzania Mbinga-Mbeya Region
  • Iyenga, Mwalyego, Kimuli Cooperatives
  • Washed Process
  • 1500-1750 meters elevation
  •  Bourbon, Kent, KP423, Nyasa varieties
  • 10oz Whole Bean Specialty coffee


Pulling from the best cooperatives in the Mbinga and Mbeya regions in Southwest Tanzania bordering the area around Lake Malawi, these beans were harvested from October to December 2019.  The three source cooperatives have been working to specialize and improve the quality of their growing and processing of these spectacular beans for years.  Since focusing on quality production, the Iyenga and Mwalyego cooperatives, two of the origin coops, have improved to such a degree they’ve won awards from the Tanzania Coffee Board Taste of the Harvest competitions.

The three cooperatives in this blend, together, are made up of fewer than 1000 farmers.  In addition to coffee, many grow maize, wheat and sorghum for cash crops, and also to support crop rotation and sustainable reuse of organic material for fertilizer and mulch.

These are a washed process with cherries picked, sorted and pulped, typically all in the same day.  Fermentation times range, depending on climate conditions, and dried from 10-14 days to reach a moisture content of 11.5% or lower.

The coffees from this region, and the Superthing profile in particular, are lighter than coffees from northern parts of Tanzania, but still offer a surprising layer of dark chocolate and molasses with flavors of grape and raspberry.

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Tanzania Mbinga-Mbeya