About Superthing

Superthing was born out of an obsession with great coffee, and a love for weirdo art, science fiction, design, and excruciatingly long exposition. 

We all remember the first time we had a coffee that blew our mind and made us realize that coffee could be more than just brown-flavored punishment for being tired. 

For us, our passion for great coffee was cultivated in our first venture, a small coffee trailer in downtown Austin called Patika. We expanded the family when Patika opened a brick and mortar on South Lamar. With the new location, we were able to brew and taste coffee from roasters all over the country and launched as a multi-roaster cafe.

Over the years, we started to hone our shared love for coffees and discovered the universe of coffee beyond the traditional flavor profiles and expected origin countries of coffee. We loved that it can be fruit, funk, floral, volcanic soil, herbaceous radio waves, sub-harmonic frequencies of dark chocolate, and a tesseract of all of the above.

Our roasting journey began just like the radioactive boy scout started his nuclear reactor, in our garage (well he actually did that in a shed -- man were we jealous of that shed).  We continued our roasting education under the careful tutelage of an exceedingly patient former US roasting champion. 

Through tons of experimentation and curiosity and tears and first-degree burns, we’re dialing in our roasting philosophy with each new and exciting coffee.

Our goal is to uncover what is special to us about a specific coffee, and bring those characteristics forward in a balanced equation of sweetness, body, acidity and fun.

We try in our own supersmall way to make decisions that are sustainable. We are committed to working with importers who share our passion for supporting a more just and sustainable supply chain.That works out for us and for you because those practices happen to also produce the most interesting coffees. 

What makes us truly happy is the idea that you'll find a coffee through us from a small producer, love it, and want to know more about your role in the coffee supply chain from seed to cup. So we will keep doing what we do in our little pocket dimension of our universe hoping that we are showing you that coffee isn't just a thing, its a Superthing.