Collection: At-Home Coffee Subscriptions

Tired of all the thinking required by three-dimensional living? Always running out of coffee right when the going gets weird? Select one of our plans below and receive regular teleportations of coffee straight to your door! Customize the amount, the grind setting, & the delivery frequency that's right for you. You can update your subscription terms or cancel anytime!

At-Home Coffee Subscriptions

Have a Super Day, Every Day

Give yourself the gift of freshly-roasted coffee

Discover outstanding seasonal coffees from around the world

Enjoy free shipping (& save $ by brewing at home!)

Choose from flexible subscription plans

Enjoy subscriber perks when you sign up for emails!


How much coffee should I get?

One 10 oz bag per week is about the right amount for 1 person brewing a 16 oz coffee every day.

For 1-2, people we’d recommend 2 bags per week.

For a full household of heavy hitters, try 3 bags per week!

Can I adjust my subscription terms later on?

Yes! It's easy to change your subscription terms after it's been created. Login to your Shopify account, click "Manage Subscriptions" and then navigate to the "Subscriptions" tab to edit your subscription terms.

Can I skip orders?

Yes! You'll receive a reminder email before your next order is about to be roasted. That's your cue to login to your account, view "upcoming orders" and hit "skip order."

Can I get an occassional bag of decaf?

Certainly! We recommend setting up a separate Decaf Subscription with the frequency that suits you.